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We understand that facing the unknown — particularly in regards to your health — can cause anxiety and hesitation.

But often, trying something new presents an opportunity for greater personal growth, improved health, and reconnecting with your body’s natural healing powers. There’s no reason to let the unknown hold you back — especially in regards to your first acupuncture treatment.  

Of course, moving out of your “comfort zone” requires a bit of courage, and we’d like to give you all the information you need to help you make that first step.

 We know the first question on your mind is probably "DOES IT HURT ?"


Does it hurt ?

Yes, acupuncture involves needles. And no, they aren’t painful.   Patients report several different sensations when the needles are inserted. We’ve heard it described as tingling, relaxing and even the sensation of something moving.Most don't feel anything at all . In fact, people often fall asleep on the table during treatment — probably at least half of our patients do!


 Please wear loose, comfortable clothing to your acupuncture appointment so we can get to all the points we need to access.                                                                                                                                               you don’t have to do anything the day before your acupuncture treatment. After we take your health history and determine what would be the most appropriate acupuncture points, you will RELAX,   covered with a clean sheet.

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You’re still worried it’s going to hurt, aren’t you?

We place the acupuncture needles, and depending upon your individual situation, we may use anywhere between five to 30 needles. Once they are inserted, we may gently move them or even apply heat. This is called needle manipulation, and it helps “awaken” your body’s natural defenses so you can start the healing process. Needles may be in place for 10 to 45 minutes.